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Check for any outages, maintenance work or any other unexpected events that may affect your personal Telstra services.

Important Notices

We want to deliver better, faster service to our customers. We undertook a planned system upgrade this weekend which is taking longer than expected. There are still some requests we can’t action immediately and as a result there will be delays when you try to contact us. Some services can be actioned online - see for more info.

Tropical Cyclone Debbie Update

For information about impacts to Telstra customers services as a result of Tropical Cyclone Debbie, please click here

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Service interruptions will vary in size and complexity, from localised events which affect a few customers, or large scale events which will impact many. Either way, whenever it's possible, we'll give our customers notice about interruptions and maintenance work. We can't plan for everything, but we will always do our best to correct faults as quickly as possible. This Service Status search provides details for your personal Telstra services.

You may see an 'End Time' listed. This is the estimated time at which we expect the service to become available. This can change for many reasons, but we'll keep this time as up to date as possible.

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